Do you know what Fundació Arcadi is?

The investment and life improvement of the people who suffer Cystic Fibrosi is its main goal. Visit the fundation's website and join the fight against this illness, your help is so valuable.

Stationery & Packaging

Stationery and related items are very important in every celebration. At 13 By Pilar Barceló we love spending the day making things such as cards and notes for the parties we organise. The invitations are the first items a guest sees before the party. They offer a taste of everything that we are preparing and therefore must maintain a consistency with the general style of the celebration. It is important to start off with the best impression possible. We will help you to think about your invitations and all the stationery and packaging details so that they are in the same style and along the same chromatic lines. We will offer you a wide range of possibilities from which to choose the designs that will make your event exclusive, unique and very personal.