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The investment and life improvement of the people who suffer Cystic Fibrosi is its main goal. Visit the fundation's website and join the fight against this illness, your help is so valuable.

Pilar Barceló

Designer of unique experiences

I am a positive, intrepid and enterprising woman. For many years, I devoted myself to high-level sport, and this has made me into someone accustomed to doing everything to achieve my goals: I always look for excellence in everything I do. I am methodical, organised, with clear ideas. I really enjoy my work, the organisation of events, and the sense of collaboration that is created with the people behind each celebration. 13 By Pilar Barceló began to take shape with the preparation of my own, very special and personalised wedding. The excitement I felt, both with the preparations and the day itself, led me to make the management of events my profession. 13 is a number that has always been with me and one that gives me confidence: it is the birth day of my eldest son, the number of my house and a number that has always brought luck for me. Which is why I chose it as the name for my event business: 13 By Pilar Barceló. After seven years, we have become an established company within the sector. We have organised over a hundred weddings and many celebrations of all kinds, each one handled in a unique and personalised way.