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In compliance with the law 34/2002, of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Trade, inform it that this web is PILAR’s titularity BARCELÓ JUVANTENY (from now on “THE TITULAR”), with CIF: 40334628B, domicile at C/Frederica Montseny and Mañé 15, 17003 – Girona; phone number +34 646 490 048; e-mail:


The contents of this place, including the texts, footage and graphic designs, belong at THE TITULAR, or at third that have authorised his use. THE TITULAR presents these contents with purposes of information and promotion. THE TITULAR authorises his utilisation exclusively with these purposes. Any utilisation of these designs, footage or texts will have to cite expressly his belonging at THE TITULAR, who reserves the right at inducting the timely legal actions to repair the harms and damages caused by any act that violates his royalties of intellectual or industrial property.


THE TITULAR engages at protecting the privacy of the users that access at this web and/or any one of his services. The utilisation of the web and/or of any one of the services offered by THE TITULAR, implies the acceptance by part of the user of the disposals contained at the Policy present of Privacy and that his personal data are treated according to stipulates . Please, take into account that although there can be links of our web at other webs, this policies of privacy do not apply at the webs of other companies or organisations at those that the web was redirected. THE TITULAR does not control the content of the places of third or accepts any type of responsibility for the content or the politics of privacy of these places.


In compliance of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, (RGPD), we offer you the following information on the treatment of your personal data:

Who is the manager of the treatment of his data?

THE TITULAR. Our data appear at the onset of this legal notice.

With which purpose do you treat the personal data?

We treat the information that facilitates us to loan and invoice our services and products.

If it gives us his consent also will be able to treat his data to route him information on our activities, products or services.

If it takes part at any of our activities, draws and / or contests will publish his name and surnames, and his image, at the different rooms and media and diffusion that use, included the social meshes, for such to promote our activities, services and products.

During how much time will you conserve this data?

The proportionate personal data will be conserved while the user uses our services or wants to get information, and, at case to take part at promotions, while these are active. After, during the terms established to conform our legal obligations.

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of the data?

The legal base for the treatments of data are the consents that you give us.

With regard to the information that was us envoy for minors of 16 years, will understand that it has been it with the consent of his legal representatives. If it is not like this, the legal representative of the minor has to it to us communicate as soon as has notice.

At which addressees will communicate the data?

The data will not be communicated at third, unless it demand it a law or was necessary to conform with the purpose of the treatment.

What are your rights when you facilitate us data?

– Any person has right at obtaining confirmation on if we are treating or no his personal data.

– The interested has the right at accessing his personal data, as well as at soliciting the rectification of the inaccurate data or, if necessary, solicit his suppression when, among of other motives, the data no longer are necessary for the purposes for which collected.

– At concrete circumstances the interested will be able to solicit the limitation of the treatment of his data, at this case only the will conserve for the exercise or the defence of reclamations.


– Also, at determinate circumstances and for motives related with his particular situation, the interested can oppose tio the treatment of his data. In this case we will cease to treat them, except for legitimate motives or for the exercise or the defence of possible reclamations.

– The interested also have right at the portability of his data.

– Finally, the interested have right at presenting a reclamation in front of the Authority of competent Control.

How it can exercise his rights?

It Will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation, portability and opposition directing a communication at PILAR BARCELÓ JUVANTENY, C/ FredericaMontseny and Mañé 15, 17003 – Girona, or through e-mail at, attaching copy of the DNI or document of equivalent identity.

How we have obtained his data?

The personal data that are treated proceed of the own interested, who guarantees that the personal data facilitated is valid and manages to communicate any modification. The data that are marked with an asterisk are obligatory to be able to give the service solicited.

Which data are treated?

The categories of data that can be treated are:

– Data of identification character.

– Postal addresses or electronics.
– Other data solicited at our forms.

The data are limited, attended that only treat the necessary data for the provision of our services and the management of our activity.

Which measures of security are applied?

We apply the measures of security established at the article 32 of the RGPD, therefore we have adopted the measures of necessary security to guarantee a level of security adapted at the risk of the treatment of data that realise, with mechanisms that permit us guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and permanent resilience of the systems and services of treatment.

Some of these measures are:

Information of the policies of treatment of personal data.
Realisation of periodic backups.
Control of access at the data.
Processes of verification, appraisal and regular estimation.


THE TITULAR acts with the maximum possible diligence so that the data and the information that offers at his website is at all times, although it does not guarantee or does manager of the accuracy and update of the contents of the website, reserving the right at modifying these contents anytime. THE TITULAR neither will be responsible of the information that can obtain through links included at the website.

The commercial relations with the customers will govern for the general conditions that, if necessry, establish for THE TITULAR at a specific document at this effect, or for the concrete pacts that can agree with the customers.


The use of this website implies the full acceptance of the terms of the present legal notice. The possible relative conflicts at this web will govern exclusively for the right of the Spanish State. All person user of the web, independently of the territorial jurisdiction since which produce his access, accepts the fulfilment and concerning these clauses with renunciation expresses at any one other fur that it could correspond him


What are the cookies?

The cookies are small archives of data that get at the terminal since the website visited and use to register some interactions of the navigation storing data that will be able to be updated and recovered. These archives store at the computer of the user and contain unnamed data and no detrimental for his squad. They utilise to recall the preferences of the user, and now the language selected, the data of access or the surface of the page.

The cookies also can be used to register unnamed information on how utilises the place the visitor. For example, since which website has accessed or if it has utilised one banner advertising to arrive .

How come we utilise cookies? 

THE TITULAR utilises cookies rigidly necessary and essential so that you use our website and can move loosely, use secure areas, configure options customised, etc. Besides, utilise cookies that collect relative data at the analysis of use of the web. These utilise to aid at improving the service for the customer, measuring the use and the performance of the page to optimise it and customise it.

Also we can have links of social meshes (how Facebook or Twitter). THE TITULAR does not control the cookies utilised by these external webs. For more information on the cookies of the social meshes or other extraneous webs, advise that it revise his own politics of cookies.

Type of cookies

According to the entity that manages them: 
– Cookies own: those generated by the page that is visiting.

– Cookies Of third: those generated by services or provides external, and now Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. 

According to purpose
– Technical Cookies: those indispensable and rigidly necessary for the correct operation of a portal web and the utilisation of the different options and services that offers.
For example, those that serve for the maintenance of the session, management of the time of response, performance or validation of options, use of elements of security, content comparation with social meshes, etc.

– Personalization Cookies: those that permit at the user specify or customise some characteristics of the general options of the website. For example, define the language, the regional configuration or the type of browser.

– Analytic Cookies: those utilised to elaborate profiles of navigation and can meet the preferences of the users with the purpose to improve the offer of products and services.
For example, by means of one cookie analytic would control the geographic areas of more interest of an user, which is the product of more acceptance, etc.

– Advertising Cookies: they permit the management of the advertising rooms of accord with concrete criteria. For example, the frequency of access, the content edited, etc.
The cookies advertising permit, through the management of the advertising, store information of the behaviour through the observation of habits, studying the accesses and forming a profile of preferences of the user, to offer him advertising related with the interests of his profile.

According to term:
– Session Cookies: those that last the time that the user is sailing for the website and erase when ends to do it.

– Persistent Cookies: these cookies stay stored at the terminal of the user during a longer time, facilitating like this the control of the preferences elected without having to repeat some parameters every time that it visit the website

Identification of the cookies of this page

The cookies collections at this website can be treated by the TITULAR and also for the third that relate at continuation, with who have hired out the provision of services for the requires the use of cookies: 

– Analytics

How to deactivate or delete the cookies?

To conform with the valid legislation, we have to request permission to manage cookies. If you decides not authorising the treatment signifying us that it does not agree , only would utilise the technical cookies, since they are indispensable to sail for our web. In this case, would not store fits cookie. If it continues sailing for our website without denying the authorization, this implies that it accepts the use.

Take into account that if it rebuffs or erases the cookies of navigation for the web of THE TITULAR, will not be able to maintain his preferences, some characteristics of the pages will not be operative, will not be able to offer services customised and every time that it sail for our web will have to ask for a new authorization for the use of cookies.

If, in any case, you decide to modify the configuration of access at the website, you have to know that it is possible to delete the cookies or impede the register of the information at his squad anytime by means of the modification of the parameters of configuration of his browser:

Configuration of cookies of Internet Explorer

Configuration of cookies of Firefox

Configuration of cookies of Google Chrome

Configuration of cookies of Safari

These browsers are subjected at updates or modifications, thus we can not guarantee that they adjust entirely at the version of his browser. To eschew these, access directly since the options of the browser that are found generally at the menu of options, at the section of “Privacy”. (Please, consult the aid of his browser for more information.)

What does it mean to accept the cookies?

If you accept our cookies, you are allowing us the improvement of the web of THE TITULAR to offer an optimal access and give a more effective service and customised.

Besides, you can configure the browser to establish that only the websites of confidence or the pages for which is sailing at this moment in time can manage cookies, which thing permits select preferences.

With this policy, THE TITULAR evidences the commitment acquired with the valid legislation on the use of cookies, giving him information so that you can comprise which type of cookies will utilise and how come do it. With this pretend to provide him transparency at relation at the data treated during the navigation done since his squad at our web.

This policy revises periodically to assure his force, thus it can be modified. We recommend him that it visit the page with regularity, where will inform it of any update.