Pilar Barceló

Meet Pilar

I'm Pilar and I'm 34 years old. I'm married to Arcadi and we have a little boy named Joan. He's an incredibly talkative, cute and sweet toddler. Besides, I love dogs reason why I have two. Actually, I think that’s definitely enough!

I'm a very positive brave woman as well as I have an entrepreneurial spirit; I’m quite restless, too. I have dedicated most of my life to playing high performance sports which has shaped my personality. I highly value my friends and I need my family to be close by. All these account for me being methodical and organized as well as a person who enjoys what she does and to whom she does it.
As I was preparing my wedding, the idea of 13 By Pilar Barcelóbegan to take form. It was a very intimate moment and absolutely special; full of unforgettable moments, which made me start thinking about all I wanted to do in the future. It was an amazing wedding which people talked about for a long time. As a result, many people encouraged me to organize similar events for them. After organising some events with unexpected great success, I thought of working full time on it.
The number 13 gives me confidence. It is the day that my first child was born and the number of the house I live (among other things) that has brought me to name my small business 13 By Pilar Barceló. Right now, we are a start-up company that has great enthusiasm and passion in trying to make us some room in the events management field..

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